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being over imperfections

Get Over Your Imperfections and Be Flawsome

Why do people put so much pressure on themselves to achieve a particular level of perfection? To be honest, hardly a single person in the entire world is perfect. Each of us is flawed in beautiful ways. Those imperfections and weaknesses are what differentiate us. We didn’t sign up for them, yet they’re a big

choosing an outfit

Five Ways to Rock a ’70s-Fashion Outfit Today

Many people from the 90s swore they’d never go back to the fashion of the 80s. The awkward hair, the bright neons, and the bangles were just too much. But today, you’ll see many of those bright and vibrant pieces incorporated in the fashion industry. We all know that fashion is a merry-go-round. And every

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Various Life Events a Woman Should Consider Experiencing

Reaching the age of maturity often leads someone to think about their childhood days. The new phases that a person experiences depend on their self-development and eagerness to embrace changes. Achieving goals and experiencing milestones are memorable events, especially for women. For example, some dream of choosing their wedding gowns from a reputable bridal shop. It

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