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Washing hands

Using Your Power as an Individual to Help Others During the COVID-19 Pandemic

The coronavirus pandemic makes most of us panic, but those who are affected struggle on different levels. While many can afford to stay at home and binge on their favorite Netflix series, others are more vulnerable to the situation. If you belong to the former group and are looking for ways to lend your resources

Healthy Eating Habits

5 Hacks to Jumpstart Your Healthy Eating Habits

Many fitness experts would often say that regular exercise is nothing if you don’t eat well. Nutrition is vital for fitness and having a well-balanced diet can help you burn more calories, fuel your activities, and prevent illnesses. However, people often don’t know how to start or what to get when it comes to eating

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Horseback Riders

Trail Riding Tips for Newbie Horseback Riders

Riding a horse on a trail can be a very fun experience. However, many people may be intimidated at first, especially if they have never ridden a horse before or it is their first time bringing their horse out on a trail. You just have to learn that your horse is a partner, not a

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