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Organizing Intimate Art Events for the Community

Can art change the world? The question continues to spark a debate that has been ongoing for decades. It could have begun since artists first started vying away from the conception of art for art’s sake, or it could have been earlier than that. Some say, yes, history has proven that art has the power

Wedding decor. Wooden plaque with the inscription Wedding. Wedding on a plate green background and a fountain. Wedding decorations,

Bridal Affair: Selecting the Perfect Wedding Venue

So he finally popped the most awaited question and you said “yes.” You must be feeling all dreamy and ecstatic now, checking the sparkling stone on your finger for the nth time and experiencing another surge of thrills from the butterflies in your stomach. Indeed, being engaged is a phase of extreme happiness, but a

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Depression: Why is it Common in Young Adults?

Depression is a common mental health problem in the US, according to the National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH). Americans aged 18 to 25 have the highest percentage (13.1) of adults with depressive episodes. Depression also affects 8.7 percent of females, which is higher than males at 5.3 percent. Depression can affect anyone. But why