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Pandemic Aftermath: Life as We Know It After COVID-19

People are already optimistic about what the future will bring this early into 2021. Last year, we were filled with uncertainty and general doubt after a whole year with coronavirus. As the year rolls forward, it’s okay to feel optimistic when you hear about the different vaccines being prepared. After the vaccines have been rolled

woman drying her hair

Safe Salon Treatments For People With Tender Scalps or Brittle Hair

You probably dread salon visits if you have a tender scalp or brittle hair. Some treatments, after all, have intimidating chemicals laced on them, as proven by the acrid odors they emit. But how can you have healthier hair if you shy away from salons? A good hair-care regimen is key. Choose a shampoo suitable

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Peculiar Wedding Rituals and Their Meanings

Couples who are deeply in love certainly have wedding plans in their minds. There is no better way to profess your feelings for each other, and having friends and family witness the ceremony makes it extra special. You can only expect the atmosphere to be filled with happiness. Some of the best wedding venues include

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