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5 After-Bath Self-Love Tips for Filipinos

For many Filipinos, self-love can be a hot or cold shower bath with soft music playing in the background. What many people don’t know, though, is the activities they do after they step out of the bathroom matter, too. Here are five after-bath self-care tips to continue nourishing your skin and hair: 1. Use a

elegant male

Dandies: Defying Male Fashion Stereotypes

The definition of masculinity and male vanity has changed over the years. This change can be attributed to the influence of fashion and pop culture. Men are now spending a significant part of their day grooming and being meticulous about their appearance as much as women. Instead of just simply getting a contemporary haircut for

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Horseback Riders

Trail Riding Tips for Newbie Horseback Riders

Riding a horse on a trail can be a very fun experience. However, many people may be intimidated at first, especially if they have never ridden a horse before or it is their first time bringing their horse out on a trail. You just have to learn that your horse is a partner, not a

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