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Grief without Hugs: How to Plan a Funeral amid a Pandemic

As the world tries to make sense of the new normal, many families deal with the death of a loved one. The pandemic has changed the way we bid goodbye to our loved ones. Even if the cause of death isn’t COVID-19 relative, large gatherings in a funeral aren’t recommended or even prohibited in some

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Types of Men’s Bracelets and How to Use Them as an Accent on Their Daily Wear

Bracelets are a common choice for men who like to wear jewelry and accessories with their attires. However, bracelets are accessories that must be chosen carefully so that it suits you, your skin type, and your dressing choices. So, how does a bracelet impact the fashion of men and what are the choices? How a

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Make Your Corporate Event a Success for Everyone

Company gatherings are a chance for people to make connections that will extend their social network, whether it’s for personal or business reasons. However, having the right atmosphere is vital to create conversations between people comfortable and natural. That responsibility falls upon the event organizer, who has to take into account the various aspects of

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