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Funeral Etiquette: What to Observe

It’s normal to worry about how you should act during a funeral service. The solemnity of the service does dictate certain conventions. For instance, wearing the appropriate wardrobe is common sense. But the appropriate wardrobe can sometimes mean a different thing for different cultures or families. And here’s where you get a bit uncertain on

Woman's hair being washed

Do You Need to Wash Your Hair Daily?

Majority of people do not actually have to wash their hair every single day or every other day. And the answer to the question “how often should you wash your hair?” would be significantly dependent on a variety of factors. Generally speaking, however, you must wash your locks when you feel that it is unclean

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Traveler with a suitcase

Packing Light: Suggestions for Reducing Your Family Vacation Baggage

One of the most challenging aspects of going on vacation with your family is packing and carrying luggage. After all, there are a lot of people involved, and more people usually equates to more items. However, the more items you’re carrying the more you have to worry about. There’s a higher chance that something will