English Cottage: Making Your Dream Home Come True

The warm English cottage-style design trend sweeping social media can make your house seem more rustic and connected to nature than ever before. English cottages are distinguished by their warmth and use of indigenous and traditional materials inside and out. Expansive gardens and roof tiles define this architectural style. The rustic interiors brim with wooden and

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Easy Styling Hacks for Your Home

If you are tired of your same old interior designs, maybe it’s for you to spice things up. Here are some easy ways to overhaul your home interiors. Here are some easy ways to zhoosh up your home. Don’t fret. There’s no need to call in a professional interior designer to create wonders in your

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man buying a mattress

Sleep Better with the Right Mattress

Choosing a mattress matters more than you think. According to the Harvard Medical School, the average person spends about a third of their lives sleeping. The wrong mattress can cause body pain, discomfort, and poor sleep quality. It pays to spend time weighing your options, especially on something as important as sleep. You wouldn’t buy

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family gathering

How to Plan Your Next Family Reunion Like a Pro

Decades ago, almost every family reunion got done at home. Every member of the family will bring a dish and share stories with one another. They’d pass a hat to cover the expenses, too. While group gatherings are still not allowed in almost every area, creating a plan for future meetups after the pandemic is

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Civil wedding

Planning for a Simple but Memorable Civil Wedding Ceremony

A lot of couples, especially brides-to-be, want to have their dream wedding. From wearing their dream wedding gowns, choosing a spectacular venue, to ring shopping. Planning a civil wedding can be one of the most exciting yet nerve-racking experience ever. However, there is no denying that weddings nowadays can be expensive. There are a lot

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walk in closet

Revealing Your Personality with Your Home Design

People feel more comfortable when their home reflects their inner personality. It makes the place more like a place to live and stay. If you recently bought a new home for yourself, then you should make some changes. The help of a professional interior designer can make it easy for you, but not everyone can

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girl using laptop

How to Plan a Conference during COVID-19

The coronavirus pandemic has affected every industry possible, some worse than others. The event industry is no exception. With social distancing guidelines in place, it is impossible to hold events the same way they were being held pre-pandemic. Does this mean your business conference has to be postponed until next year? Not exactly. If it

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