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The Big Day: Top Ways to Prepare for Your Wedding

Approximately two million Americans get married every year. This is lower than the 25 million weddings that happen annually years ago. Still, it’s a decent chunk of the overall American population. On average, Americans spend $20,000 to $33,000 on their wedding. That’s a lot of their hard-earned cash spent on an event that almost only happens once in a

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Safe Salon Treatments For People With Tender Scalps or Brittle Hair

You probably dread salon visits if you have a tender scalp or brittle hair. Some treatments, after all, have intimidating chemicals laced on them, as proven by the acrid odors they emit. But how can you have healthier hair if you shy away from salons? A good hair-care regimen is key. Choose a shampoo suitable

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man getting a haircut

Different Formal Hairstyles Guys Should Consider

For a long time, few men paid attention to their looks. Nowadays, every man is aiming for the best possible look. Even the best-coordinated clothes and shoes will nonetheless not have your intended look without the best haircut. People think they can still get the best and save money with a shaver, comb, and clippers

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Staying Warm in Autumn Takes More than Fashion

The leaves are already changing colors from green to crimson. Prepare yourself for the touch of the coldest wind-fall is just around the corner. Here are some ways to keep warm and comfortable throughout the cold season: 1. Layer your clothes This can keep the body temperature warmer, as layered clothes trap heat, allowing you

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Beach wedding

What Is It Like to Plan a Wedding in 2020? Everything You Need to Know

The novel coronavirus outbreak has affected just about every aspect of our personal lives. In a world where physical distancing and shelter-in-place rules apply for our health and safety, social events have definitely changed. How’s the Wedding Industry Lately? It wasn’t so long ago when the growth of the wedding industry was deemed unstoppable despite the decline

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Best Hairstyles for Women That Will Always Be Trendy

Choosing the perfect hairstyle is a struggle, especially when combined with the pressure to still be in with the times. With these five hairstyles, you wouldn’t have to worry about searching for what’s the trendiest style in any period of time, ever: Long Wavy Hair Longer, more hair, and the addition of flare of natural

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Stay Young, Healthy, and Beautiful

No one has perfect self-esteem. That’s the truth that many fail to see; everyone has their own insecurities that they carry around—we just don’t see it. Think of the most beautiful or handsome person you know; that person also has personal worries. Add this to the stigma against aging. Many may feel they’re left out

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Go-to Fashionable Shoes for Any Occasion

It might not seem like it, but the first thing that most people will look at when you’re out is a clean pair of shoes. Naturally, shoes have been around for centuries and have been used to protect our feet from sharp, rough, and muddy group that might cause blisters. But there’s more to shoes

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men's grooming products

Essential Men’s Grooming Products You Need at Home

Taking care of your looks is an important part of making yourself feel better. When you look in the mirror and don’t like what you see, it only makes you feel bad. Proper grooming can help with that. If you want to look great, here are some essential tools that can improve your looks. A

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