Online Dating Advice: Green Flags to Look For

Online dating has its ups and downs, just like traditional forms of dating. Some people think that online dating can never be on par with meeting people in real life, while other people argue that online dating has many more advantages. However, there is no correct answer: the success of online dating depends on each

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woman drying her hair

What Does Your Hairstyle Reveal about You?

Hair salons and hair care products continue to be a thriving industry. There’s a good reason for that. There’s no shortage of demand for thick, silky hair. We’re bombarded with hair ads every day. Hair technology is continually improving. Bet you didn’t even know what a blow dryer diffuser is until today. Whether it’s extensions,

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Home hobby

Productive Hobbies to Ease Your Anxieties During Quarantine

As the number of COVID-19 cases continues to increase worldwide, it’s more important than ever to take preventative and protective measures to curb the spread of the virus. Besides regular handwashing, the best way to do this is through practicing social distancing and self-quarantine. This means staying indoors and avoiding close contact with other people. However,

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friends at a yacht party

How to Successfully Throw a Yacht Party

Parties are always fun, especially when they are held on a yacht. There’s just this incredible feeling that comes with being at sea with your closest friends while drinking the best champagne in town and dancing to your favourite music. But preparing for a yacht party is a whole different story. There are things that

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woman in her wedding dress

Casual, Relaxed, and Unforgettable Bridal Shower Ideas

A bridal shower is one of the best and most memorable parts of pre-wedding anticipation. Most of the time, the bride gets surprised by her female entourage, but if you’re the type who would rather organize her own bridal shower in spite of the load of duties on your back, this guide is for you.

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4 Decorative Household Pieces You Should Experiment With

You are in control of the design and décor of your home. Some of the things you own are no longer negotiable in terms of placement. These include appliances like toilets, bathtubs, and kitchen ranges that often have strategic areas to make them convenient for homeowners. If you have a lot of items that you

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Food trip

Popular Food Trends That Are Taking 2020 by Storm

Food is something that every person needs to survive, but people have recently popularized a lot of food trends that are sweeping the nation and the globe. With how food trends come and go, it’s sometimes to hard to keep up. The food industry is something that never goes out of style, but do you

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wrapped gift

Paper-related Gift Ideas for Your First Wedding Anniversary

Time flies fast. A year can pass by without you noticing it. This is also how it goes for a married couple. One moment, they are celebrating their wedding day; the next moment, they are marking their first wedding anniversary. Based on tradition, the symbol of the first anniversary is paper. Looking for ideas? Read

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man alone in his home

Helping the Elderly Combat Loneliness

“No man is an island” is a famous saying for the truth it holds: a person cannot survive long alone. Apart from possibly needing assistance at some point, people need companionship. And while you typically accumulate friends and have extended family as you grow up and go through life, the number tends to dwindle when

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people at a family reunion

Is a Family Reunion Still Important?

No one knows you better than your family. And although they can drive you crazy at times, you still cannot deny the fact that they hold a special place in your heart. That is why it is essential to have a family reunion to get to have the most beautiful time with them. These family

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