Phoenix, Arizona

3 Awesome Things to Do When in Phoenix

There are plenty of awesome things to do when you visit Phoenix. Explore Grand Canyon State’s Urban Heart in three ways, where adults can have fun and kids can enjoy, too. Here are some ideas from our list: Leisure Explore the local scene by checking out unique local artisan items sold at local stores and

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woman holding stack of clothes

KonMari in the Eyes of the Sentimental Hoarder

The philosophy of Marie Kondo seems simple: keep only those that spark joy. Anything that doesn’t fall in this criterion should be warmly thanked before it goes to the bin. Go through your entire home by category, chuck many, keep a few, and you’ll never revert to a cluttered living space again. Of course, like

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group of friends travelling

Ways to Make Your Group Travel More Fun

Group travels can be fun and enjoyable or the worst trip ever. They can provide a platform for bonding and getting to know your companions much better. You’ll share many ideas for having fun, and it won’t be easy to get bored. However, some trips can turn out to be a nightmare. Unlike when you

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small cozy home

5 Signs It Is Time to Downsize Your Home

In our lives, the only constant thing is change. Therefore, as a homeowner, your housing requirements keep changing over time. While common belief has it that you need to upsize your starter home when your family grows, sometimes you need to downsize.  Your home that was once perfect and spacious might now seem too large

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